How to Choose the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming?

Nowadays, Ethernet cables have gained immense popularity because they provide a faster and reliable internet connection to users than WiFi does. If you are an active gamer, purchasing an extensively designed Ethernet cable would allow you to enjoy a thorough gaming experience without facing any network issues. Now, choosing the right quality Ethernet cable is a tough job provides so many varieties of cables that are available. What add to the confusion is the unique abilities and characteristics of the wires. Also, Ethernet cables vary in size, speed, price, and security.

If you are looking for an Ethernet cable that’s suitable for PS or Xbox gaming, you must make a decision wisely. In this post, we have discussed some important features of Ethernet cables you must take into consideration while purchasing.

Characteristics of Ethernet Cable To Look For Before Buying:

Besides the general factors like the type of network connection, length of the cord needed, what an ISP is providing, whether you require a multicolor wire option, etc. There are other important ones you must consider. Some of them have been explained below.

· Category of the Ethernet cable

Ethernet cables are categorised into different types, each having different cable capabilities. Usually, Cat5 and Cat5E network cables are preferred by homeowners because they are low-priced and can support connections up to 100mbps. However, if you are a professional gamer and need connections of higher speed like 10gbps, Cat-6, and Cat-6a Ethernet wires would be sufficient. The latest varieties of Ethernet cables, Cat-7 and Cat-7a are offering even higher speeds to users.

  • Length

The signal quality is directly affected by the length of the LAN cable. If the length of the cable is increased the signal quality would reduce, giving you less internet speed. This would result in the slow transfer of data and lowered network performance. Hence, choose the shortest length of cable possible while connecting the devices, because they come with readily attached connectors.

Gamers are also advised to measure the distance between the router and the gaming console. The most recommended length limit for an Ethernet cable is 100 metres.

  • Compatibility With Various Equipment

Most gamers look for cables that are guaranteed to support and work with multiple gaming consoles. So, before you proceed to choose a particular type of Ethernet cable, first know the jacks that your gaming console supports. Now choose an Ethernet cable accordingly.

Hardwiring your gaming consoles to the router with Ethernet cables would enhance not only your gaming speed but also offer you a better experience while streaming and downloading files. Truly Ethernet cables form the backbone of any computer network. To know more about the best Ethernet cables suitable for heavy gaming, visit

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